Sunday, May 10, 2009

Gus In Action!

Last weekend, Joe, Gus and I took part in the annual Humane Society's Walk for Animals. As a team, we raised over $1,000 (and got these cool hooded sweatshirts!):
Turned out to be a nice day by the time we finished the 5 mile walk. We had someone snap this picture of us in front of a giant bone (which Gus Really wanted to bring home):
At the halfway mark, Gus showed some signed of being tired, but after a short break, was raring to go for the 2nd half.After we got home, Gus grabbed bone to head upstairs, but only made it halfway up before deciding nap-time could not wait.....Today, no walk, but we did take some time to play ball. This was one of the action shots I was able to snap:
In an unrelated note, after the walk last Saturday, we turned around on Sunday and planted about 430 strawberry plants! We are nuts. This is one bed:...and this is the other.I hope our freezer has enough room in a few months.....


Blogger Suzanne said...

Ya'll do realize that you get more than one berry off of each strawberry plant, right? Goodness - you may be able to open your own strawberry stand! LOL

Gus is still such a cutie - Max too, although....where was his picture??


6:28 PM  

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