Monday, June 04, 2007

E-mail From Spike

So. 2 days and this is what I get from Spike:

Hi, We like it at Grandma's - she sneaks us table food, so does Harold...Miss Kitty hides. We don't like the big gray cat; he's mean and hisses alot. Munch came to visit yesterday, he's kind of a pain but we tried to at least be polite.

Max and I are very upset that you didn't send any treats for us. Max sat up for about an hour before Grandma figured out what he know, the morning and 5:00 treat time. Grandma said "Too bad if you Dad didn't send them; you're out of luck." David however bought some beefy treats for us at tractor supply when he bought the new mower blades.

Dr. Young remembers me, Harold says I look much slimmer. Having a great time, don't miss you at all. Love Spike.

Hmph. Ungrateful beasts.....


Blogger Urdarbrunnr said...

Amazing how well your dogs have you trained; I bet Joe will be making dog biscuits and sending off a package very soon.

And you know the critters are going to turn into roly poly fur balls.

Ha, I remembered my password!

8:21 PM  

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