Monday, November 26, 2007

Mission Accomplished - The Best One Yet!

Today was The Big Day - Christmas Tree Day! YAY! I was off from work, and we decided it was the perfect day to go do this. That, and a cold snap will be here tomorrow, along with snow later this week....

We found a great place called Hampton Hills tree farm, which has a huge cut-your-own selection. And boy, is it out in the country. This is the road leading to the farm:
It goes on and on and on:
But it was well worth the effort to get there - they had alot of trees, and a big variety:
After making Joe drive up and down the rows and get out several times to inspect, we came across THEE perfect tree:
It's a Fraser Fir - and it's a little over 9 feet tall! Joe spotted it and after careful inspection, down it went! It certainly filled the top of the car, wouldn't you say?

We did measure our ceiling before we left, and knew we had 9 feet to work with, so we figured with just a little bit off the trunk, this would be a great fit. And guess what - it is!
This is the best Christmas tree ever! I can't wait till we get it trimmed. Big yay!


Blogger Tree said...

Wow! That really is a gorgeous tree, it's just perfect! Can't wait to see it decorated.

6:53 PM  

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