Monday, May 25, 2009

Minnehaha Falls

Today we decided to take Gus to Minnehaha Falls - Joe and I have not been there in years, and it was such a nice holiday weekend!

The falls are still spectacular:
And you can still go down to the base.
Years ago, you could actually walk behind the falls, but not any more. Oh well, safety first, I guess.

Guess took s brief moment to pose for a picture going back up the steps:
I liked this covered walkway:
I decided I really did not have to go to the bathroom that bad.....
I am sure it was pretty classy in it's day, though.....

Not sure who this is, but he/she must have been important enough to warrant a sculpture.
I shall research further....*

All in all, a great day to be outdoors and a great way to enjoy the local scenery for free.

*Research update: Created by contemporary native artest Ed Archie Noisecat in 1994, the mask was made so the viewer can see through the eyes of Chief Little Crow (his real name was Taoyeteduta).

The mask is located just south overlooking the Minnehaha Falls in an area considered sacred to the Sioux.


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