Sunday, May 25, 2008

Busy Weekend!

Joe and I checked out the Mill City Farmer's Market this weekend in downtown Minneapolis. Was nice, though I think the Minneapolis Farmer's Market has a larger selection of stuff.

The Mill City one is right n the river, which made for some great views. Looking down tot eh right, you can see the new I-35 bridge making it's way across the river:
If you recall from the news last year, this is the one that collapsed into the river last year in the middle of rush hour.

Notice at the bottom of the picture a group doing a Segway tour of downtown - now that would be fun!

Looking to the left, we see the beautiful Stone Arch Bridge:
And behind us, the Guthrie Theater, which is a very cool looking building:
When we got back, I spotted our arch enemy plotting....plotting evil destructive things:
The little bastard is mad because we cleaned out all her nest as soon as her babies were big enough to leave, fixed the screen into the porch, and plugged a big hole she had gnawed as a side entrance into the porch.

This time, victory will be mine.....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your optimism about the squirrel is a riot!


8:39 AM  

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