Saturday, June 13, 2009

9,997 to go.....

Today was Gus's 1-year birthday, so we celebrated that and the beautiful weather by taking a walk around Lake Nokomis!

This continues our series of exploring as many of the local lakes as possible. In the past few weeks, we have hit Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet, so today's adventure makes 3. Being the Land of 10,000 lakes, that leaves 9,997 to go! Ha!

It was a really pretty setting and not overly crowded. And lots of little nooks and crannies for getting close to the water:We came across this guy just enjoying the scenery:
But when he saw us, decided 4's a crowd......That's Minneapolis in the background:We also spotted this guy and his sailboat:
I think the doggie had a few reservations about this plan.....

After we got back, we celebrated Gus's day with a special cake that Joe made just for him....
He and Max enjoyed this very much :)


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