Thursday, July 20, 2006

Post-Move Updates

Well! It's been a week since we closed on the new house - how exciting! Here are my brilliant and insightful comments and observations since moving in:

  1. It's quiet out here!
  2. It's very dark at night!
  3. Maryland has ALOT of bugs!
  4. Hornets don't like to be disturbed!
  5. 6 cans of hornet spray is just about right to kill a nest about the size of a small pancake.
  6. I will never understand how people can update many aspects of a house built in 1987, and leave the original, old, crappy off-white plastic electrical faceplates everywhere!
  7. A 15-20 minute commute will not, as I feared, kill me. Phoenix has me spoiled at 5 minutes....
And, it took 6 days, but I finally cleared enough boxes and stuff to be able to get 1 of our cars into the garage.

So far, so good! Tomorrow, we head up to my Mom's house north of Pittsburg to pick up Max, Spike and Miss Kitty! We can't wait to get them back.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

awww, i bet your 'kids' have really missed you, as i'm sure you have missed them. glad you will have them back soon!

yeah, bugs, i remember them. one reason i am glad i moved to the desert. for sure.

2:37 AM  

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