Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Exciting Project Updates

Yesterday was a very exciting day for the Master Bedroom Project - the electricians came out and did their thing!

First, they relocated the ceiling fan box to over the bed and put up a new fan:
Then they re-wired the master bath lighting and outlets:
They also replaced the wire that we accidentally cut into when removing the drywall.

And, we got 2 new recessed lights, and a new light fixture and switch in the new closet:
Finally, we replaced the dingy hallway light with 2 new recessed lights - what a difference that makes:
It was great progress! It took 3 guys 4 1/2 hours to do everything. Money well spent.

We picked up 12 sheets of drywall yesterday, and will start working on that this weekend.


Blogger Urdarbrunnr said...

Looks nice!

Yes, everytime I hear about how many hours it takes to do and project, by people who know what they're doing, I'm glad I've paid someone else to do it. When it takes me 3 times as long and the job isn't even half as good, it's very well spent.

sigh. Blogger ate my first post. Again.

7:56 PM  
Blogger MeBeth said...

We're about to put up a wall and a door in our apartment and after seeing your success I'm almost tempted to try it myself. You make it look easy! (But I know it's not.)

8:14 AM  

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