Saturday, February 17, 2007

Great Sledding!

The great frozen tundra :...should melt away next week, with temps supposed to be near 50! Yay! I've never seen such solid ice - poor Spike slid down the back yard and had to be rescued. The ice has made for some great sledding for the neighborhood kids.

The electricians are coming on Tuesday to do the electrical work in the bedroom. They better hurry before I electrocute myself with all the wires running all over the place:

I did finally manage to remove the last stubborn board in the ceiling, and finish the drywall patching. What a pain!

The plan is that once the electrical is done, we can start drywalling. And with any luck, we can start that next weekend. Max is most anxious to get this completed.
I also have to cut a hole in the floor so we can move a heat vent about 8 feet, from inside the new closet to right outside the closet wall.


Blogger Suzanne said...

my BIL/SIL came down to visit in Tidewater this weekend to get away from the frozen tundra! LOL Sledding was SO much fun - I miss my childhood sometimes! LOL STAY WARM Suz

7:57 AM  

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