Saturday, January 27, 2007


Um - Framing Update! What were you thinking??

We've been busy today! We got a basic framing put up, so we can see how the room is actuall ygoing to look! You can see the new doorway leading into the bathroom, and the closet door will be on the let when you enter.
We did have one small issue today - I nearly got Joe electrocuted. Ok, so maybe that qualifies as a large issue. I asked him to cut out some of the wall so we could line up the framing....."Is there anything back there I need to worry about?", he asks. "Nah - just that old disconnected phone line. Nothing to worry about!"..... *ZAP*

OOoo, we found the wiring for the bathroom light switch and plug! Well! I wasn't expecting that there! So Joe got a little bit of a shock! And we had sparks! And black marks on the metal saw he was using! Exciting!! I patched it with black electrical tape. This should work until the electricians come out.


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