Monday, April 09, 2007

Construction Updates

Believe it or not, we are making progress on the Master Bedroom project. Slow as it is....

We completed round 2 of sanding, and in some places, did round 3 of mudding this weekend. Things are coming together!
A big pain in the ass was merging the walls between where the closets were. They did not line up very well when the walls were taken down! So after way too much tedious sanding and mudding, we are finally at a point where they should look faily seamless after the final sanding and priming:
The plan is to give the final sanding when we get back on Friday, get some more primer on Saturday, and prime the entire bedroom & bathroom walls this coming weekend! Major accomplishment!

Then pick out paint, and hopefully paint the rooms week after next.

After that, the big items are the tile floor in the bathroom, the vanity & sink, and then new carpeting.

I expect we'll be done sometime in May. If not, I give up... =:o


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