Sunday, April 29, 2007

Who Needs a Toilet Anyways?

This weekend, we removed the toilet from the master bathroom, and finally pulled up the rest of the ceramic tile:This is in preparation of putting in the new floor. We're at a point now where we can start to put things back together - woo! We found a tile we liked at Home Depot - it's sitting in front of the tub as inspiration. The color ties in well with one of the colors in the shower tiles. This will look nice!

We also spent some time doing round 2 of mudding on the ceiling, and touching up a few areas on the walls. This should be the end of all the drywall-related activity.

We tried to order the double-sink yesterday, but the guy at Home Depot has some problems getting the order placed, so I have to try again tomorrow. We also picked out the vanity base we want, and will bring it home when the sink comes in.

Next weekend, we really should pick out wall colors. The revised completion date is end of May. Dammit.

Right Max?


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