Monday, September 07, 2009

Minnesota State Fair 2009!

Scenes from the 2009 Minnesota State Fair! We took it in last Wednesday.

Giant Pumpkin:
Apples! Honey Crisp, our favorite Minnesota-grown variety. Cannot wait until apple-picking 2009 in a few weeks!
It's not the MN State Fair without deep-fried cheese curds!
Joe and I split this - which is enough grease to last us both a year or 2...but total yum!
We were afraid to get too close to this one.....
Another classic MN - Hotdish on a stick! Featuring tater-tots, I am sure....
This is what I come for.....
I don't know how they do it, but the seasoning and cooking is out of this world!

This was a big thick hunk of bacon....on a least it was not chocolate-covered.
Crop-art is always cool.

I really liked this one:
Mid-way rides! No thanks!!

Joe and I went on this one one year...after eating. I will never be the same.....
It spins round and round and then the floor drops out from beneath you...the force made me notably sick.

This one was new...and again, no thanks!

Princess Kay of the Milky Way! The State's new dairy princess...who gets her head sculpted in butter!
Part of the parade....
Excuse me, but there seems to be a cow coming out of the back of your car....
And a giant pickle attached to the side of yours!!
Little horsies!!!
A fun time. Can't wait till 2010!


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