Thursday, April 20, 2006

Finally, some updates!

Wow, it's been that long? My excuse is that we've been traveling.

The interesting thing about driving cross-country is that you get to see so many...well...interesting things!

For instance, driving through Texas and Oklahoma, we saw a few of these:
Wind farms! Acres and acres of giant windmills. They were really cool. Keeping true to Texas ideology, they were really big too....

And how can you not smile when you come across this on the highway?

Even after some 20 hours in a car...with 2 dogs and a cat...this was fun!

This for something you don't see everyday either:

The down side is it took a good 7 hours to get "We All Live In A Yellow Submarine" out of my head...and unforunately, seeing this picture puts it right back there....ugh!

Through all of this, though, Spike seemed relatively unimpressed.

As I get all the pictures organized, I'll post a few more of my favorites. And, more details on what's *really* been going on around here lately! :)


Blogger MeBeth said...

Oh no - now I'll be singing yellow submarine all day! Congratulations on your exciting trip ;)

10:14 AM  

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