Sunday, July 23, 2006

Curiosity Through The Fence

Having brought Max, Spike and Miss Kitty back from my Mom's house in PA this weekend, we were quite anxious to see how the dogs would react to the alpacas behind us. My guess was Max would bark like crazy, and Spike would care less. It was wrong - Max actually was more curious than spastic...but Spike, who never barks at anything, started barking and running towards them! I had to stop him from going through the fence.

At first, they didn't notice us as we snuck up on them....

Then, one of them noticed us, and started making weird alpaca noises! This got all their attention, and all eyes were on us:

I don't think they were sure what to make of us, but they just kept staring.

As we walked away, they went back to their business. When I took Max out later this afternoon, they spotted us again, and trotted across their pen to get closer. And stare! They are really pretty funny to watch. Which is probably what they were saying to each other in their little alpaca-speak.


Blogger Patti said...

My Buster (who resembles Max) would bark, no doubt. He barks at the wind.

Glad you all are together again.

1:35 PM  
Blogger Erika said...

OMG, those alpacas are hilarious. Eventually they'll get used to you all being there, and then it will be fun to look back on this post and "remember when".

8:14 PM  
Anonymous lindy (the chicken) said...

Whitey and I always said always said alpacas look like cartoons. The neck angles are hysterical.

4:48 PM  

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