Saturday, September 23, 2006

Pantry Project - Home Stretch!

Despite turning a year older (anyone who asks how old will get a dead fish mailed to them ><) , we managed to fit in some pantry work in between birthday cake and festivities. Today, we did a little more spackling, another round of sanding (my gawd, the dust...THE DUST!) and, most exciting, got a coat of paint on the walls! Wow, what a difference. It looks...CLEAN!Today was also the day to get the shelving, and we spent a good deal of time trying to decide what to get - shelving that would have to be permanently mounted in place, or an organizer system that could hang and be totally adjustable. Solid shelves might look nicer, and would probably cost less; an adjustable system would really give us lots of flexibility and allow us to change and add things as time goes by, and it's easier to see things.

In the end, we decided on an adjustable system from ClosetMaid. Dang, those pieces are expensive. Let's hope we like it!

The plan is to get another coat of paint on (hopefully yet tonight), and get the shelving system mounted tomorrow, so we can get our pantry back.


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