Sunday, September 02, 2007

Fast Puppy Dogs!

At the State Fair, one of the fun things we stumbled across were the doggie races and obstacle course competition. These pups were fast!

The first competition involved running over a series of hurdles:
...hitting a box at the end that dispenses a tennis ball:

...and then turning around and going back through the hurdles: These dos were fast and focused!

The second competition was involved zig-zagging around posts, going through a tunnel, and over a see-saw! This little guy was SO funny - he yipped the entire way over the see-saw, as if to say "I don't like this, dammit and you better give me big treats when I get done!":
It was fun to watch them figure out the tipping point:
Now I am on a mission to train Max! I'll let you know how that goes....


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