Thursday, December 21, 2006

Project Updates

In addition to eating everything in site that Joe has been making - all in the name of Quality Control, I assure you - we've started on a few projects that have been on my list. The first big one is priming and repainting the basement. Since there is only 1 window, this color of blue is just way too dark (and whoever did it, did a really shitty job):
(Note Max in his supervisory capacity..."Get to work! Woof! Taking pictures is not working!"...

So today, Joe and I rolled up the sleeves and got the primer coat on:
We also started The Closet Project. This project is intended to expand the closet in the master bedroom buy knocking out the wall in between the master bedroom closet and the 5th bedroom closet (which will become a den!) and walling off the den side. The end result will be to double the size of the small and less-than-functional current closet in the master bedroom. So, I took the ugly bi-fold doors down, along with the crap shelving:

Now we start tearing down - weeee! This is my favorite part. Too bad Joe won't let me bring the chainsaw inside.....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

glad to see others have honey-dos on their time off too. DH thinks I'm the only one that wants to do "projects" while we are off! LOL Can't wait to see the progress! Suz

5:18 PM  

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