Saturday, February 24, 2007

Drywall Day 1!

Things are REALLY taking shape now! We started putting up the drywall:
We started with the inside of the closet. We're leaving the other side un-drywalled while we install the closet stuff. Makes it easier to add studs and braces to support whatever hardware, clothes racks and stuff we put inside the closet.

We also drywalled the new door, so we can actually lock out the pets if we want to!
We also did the outside wall of the bathroom wall, so now we can close the bathroom door (and again, lock out those pesky pets if we want to!):
I forgot to clean the camera lens, so the picture above is a little blurry.

I decided to tape this to the inside of the closet wall:
It's the original first sketch we made when we were designing the space! On the other side is a listing of all the electrical work we were going to need. If someone ever tears down the walls in the future, they will have this nice little surprise! Haha.

I'll add the Abe Lincoln bottle of maple syrup before we close in the rest of the wall :p


Blogger Suzanne said...

Renovations are looking good! Where was Supervisor Max? LOL Suz

9:38 AM  

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