Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gus Writes Home to Mom & Dad

Gus dictated the following letter home today. His parents asked that he do his best to stay in touch....

Hello, everyone!

Just wanted to let you know how I am doing in my new home! I have SOOO much news to tell you!

First, and really important, today I figured out how to go DOWN the steps! Wow! That was scary at first, and I really kinda just slid down each step on my belly. But after a few practice sessions, I figured it out and it's really not that scary at all.

These human folks are really nice and are taking great care of me. They feed me regularly, take me outside to go potty, play with me and have been showing me off to the neighbors! Today I met the family across the street and got to play with them for about 20 minutes!

Last weekend, they took me to a dog park - that was really neat! They were really cautious with who they would let come see me, and I walked on a leash for the first time too! I was really pooped after that and took a nice long nap.

This big white fluffy dog called Max is really a big fat pussycat underneath. He growled at me at first, but I went right up and licked him on the nose and I think he was shocked because he stopped growling right away! Now we are learning how to play together, which is also lots of fun!

I also met The Vet. And the entire Vet staff - as soon as we walked in their office, the ladies behind the desk 'ohh'd and 'awwww'd and grabbed me from the Humans and showed me to everyone in the office! They loved my eyes and markings and said I was the prettiest puppy they had ever seen. Then the lady Vet gave me a shot! That was sneaky. I will keep a better eye on her next time! I weighed in at 4.1 pounds, and they said everything about me looked great. Well, of course it did! I come from good stock!'

So, don't worry about me too much. While I miss you all, I really like it here and can't wait for all the new adventures that await me! Oh, and I have learned that my name is Gus!

So….Love, Gus!


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Go Gus!

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