Sunday, January 25, 2009


This cracks me up. We had guests a few weeks ago, and since we got snowed in, it made for a great excuse for an afternoon siesta. And the only thing better than a siesta is a siesta with a puppy on top!

Gus was a little unsure of this at first:
But seemed to catch on quite quickly.....

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Graduate

No, not the movie...our boy!
After 6 weeks of training, Gus has graduated from Puppy Kindergarten! And he has a certificate to prove it:
We decided to try and do this right and get him started early on training. But it was really more about training US. And the socialization part was really good for him too. There were about a dozen dogs, ages 4-6 months mostly, and from small to large.

Here Gus demonstrates the basic Sit!
And his other favorite, Down!For our final test, he had to complete an obstacle course (no problem!), find me after I hid from him and called his name, and then do the Sit and Down poses with only 1 command, in front of the trainer. And he did it all!

We have one smart puppy dog!