Sunday, July 30, 2006

Divine Signs...

So it rained the other day. Again. I don't remember it raining quite so much when I lived here years ago. But I'm not complaining - I like the rain!

After this particular storm, Joe called me over to the window facing the back yard, and this is what we saw:

We haven't mastered the new camera yet, but you get the idea - a really nice rainbow, leading right to the alpacas! So clearly we were meant to move here. Right?

Check back later for the 1st installment of "Jeff Don't Do That!". There's a reason why I have a desk job......

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Curiosity Through The Fence

Having brought Max, Spike and Miss Kitty back from my Mom's house in PA this weekend, we were quite anxious to see how the dogs would react to the alpacas behind us. My guess was Max would bark like crazy, and Spike would care less. It was wrong - Max actually was more curious than spastic...but Spike, who never barks at anything, started barking and running towards them! I had to stop him from going through the fence.

At first, they didn't notice us as we snuck up on them....

Then, one of them noticed us, and started making weird alpaca noises! This got all their attention, and all eyes were on us:

I don't think they were sure what to make of us, but they just kept staring.

As we walked away, they went back to their business. When I took Max out later this afternoon, they spotted us again, and trotted across their pen to get closer. And stare! They are really pretty funny to watch. Which is probably what they were saying to each other in their little alpaca-speak.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Post-Move Updates

Well! It's been a week since we closed on the new house - how exciting! Here are my brilliant and insightful comments and observations since moving in:

  1. It's quiet out here!
  2. It's very dark at night!
  3. Maryland has ALOT of bugs!
  4. Hornets don't like to be disturbed!
  5. 6 cans of hornet spray is just about right to kill a nest about the size of a small pancake.
  6. I will never understand how people can update many aspects of a house built in 1987, and leave the original, old, crappy off-white plastic electrical faceplates everywhere!
  7. A 15-20 minute commute will not, as I feared, kill me. Phoenix has me spoiled at 5 minutes....
And, it took 6 days, but I finally cleared enough boxes and stuff to be able to get 1 of our cars into the garage.

So far, so good! Tomorrow, we head up to my Mom's house north of Pittsburg to pick up Max, Spike and Miss Kitty! We can't wait to get them back.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Big Day-Eve

Tomorrow is the Big Day - we close on the house in Maryland - yay! As soon as we find our digital camera, look for pictures...including pics of our new neighbors, the alpacas! This should be interesting.

Oddly, tonight I was thinking about the first snow, and looking forward to it! I think after 2 years in Phoenix, I may actually miss the changing seasons and the snow. Thought I don't miss the snow and freezing cold we experience in Minneapolis. I think Maryland will be a nice change to both those extremes.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Over the course of the past 12 years, I've relocated 7 times. The best relocation, of course, was to Minneapolis, because that's where I met Joe :) And now we're off to Maryland in a few days!

About 10 years ago, I got this thing as a gift from a family member:

It's Vermont Maple Syrup. In a glass bottle. In the form of Abraham Lincoln. It stands about 15 inches tall:

This stupid thing has traveled around the country. For some reason, I have a hard time throwing it out. Not because I got it from a family member - but because every time I try to put it in the trash, the following scene plays out in my head:

I'm at the Antiques Roadshow with my Abe Lincoln Maple Syrup Bottle.

Antique Roadshow Expert: "And what did you bring today?"

Jeff: "I brought this Abe Lincoln Maple Syrup Bottle!"

ARE: "Wow! This is indeed a rare and unique find! I only know of 2 ever made! And the other one was thrown out by some unknowing fool! What do you think it's worth?"

Jeff: "Well, the price tag is still on it, and they paid $49.99 for it 10 years ago. I'm guessing...$8.00?"

ARE: "I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. In mint condition and unused, this would easily fetch $20,000 at auction!"

Jeff: "Wow! Do you think the maple syrup is still good?"

And so it gets packed, every time. With the movers coming tomorrow to pack up everything, I made my usual trip with Abe out to the trash tonight....and came back with it. Again.

Should I take it, or toss it?

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Let The Games Begin!

Well. Now we count down the days and hours till we start our next adventure. I have to say I am a little excited to get back to the East coast. And I really hope Joe likes it. If not, then we move again in 2 years! :) KIDDING! We're never moving again. Ever.

I did some numbers crunching this evening and came up with these:

7: The number of days till we leave Phoenix for good.

30: The number of months we lived in Phoenix

78: The number of days sice we've seen our pets - Max, Spike and Miss Kitty! Mom has been taking care of them since we decided to move. They are being spoiled rotten in Pittsburgh, PA. We'll pick them up in about 3 weeks once we close on the new house and get our household stuff delivered. I MISS THEM! 109: Today's high temperature in Phoenix.

238: The number of times I've gone to the front window to see if anyone is taking a flyer from our For Sale sign. And that's just today.

2,285: The distance in miles from our house in Arizona to our new house in Maryland.

The good news is we are not driving from Phoenix to Maryland. We're not *that* stupid. Twice.

The movers come on Thursday to pack up the house. I'm thinking we need to do some things to get ready for that. Sounds like a great job for tomorrow!