Tuesday, March 20, 2007

OMG this is taking forever! We started "mudding" last weekend. I think we are about 1/2 way done:We did manage to get the closet interior area sanded and a 2nd round of mudding on, which we will sand this week. If all goes according to plan, we will prime and paint the closet area this weekend, so I can put up the clothes rods and get our clothes back! Hallelujah! We also have something arriving on Thursday that I am very excited about. No clues yet, but watch for pictures Thursday evening! Ok, one clue - it is bigger than a breadbox!

I snapped this picture of Max after explaining to him the exciting item that is arriving on Thursday:He seemed geniunely intrigued and showed great interest, but I really think he was just hoping he would get another doggie treat simply for listening to me.....


Blogger MeBeth said...

Whoa there Max, settle down! Can't wait to see what arrives on Thursday.

4:57 PM  

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