Friday, May 12, 2006

Last Day at Work!

Welp, today was my last day in my current department at work. Monday, I start the new job - woo!

It was a fun day - the folks at the office put together a slide show, which featured way too many photo-shopped pictures of me. It was more like a roast by a dozen of my co-workers (and those that read this, you know who you are!).

I got a cool talking parrot as one of my parting gifts, which will repeat whatever you say to it. I can't wait to give it some choice words! Haha. I may get fired by the new people before we even get to Maryland.....

I'll spend the weekend worrying about whether I will be able to do the new job, and praying I don't fail miserably. The good news is I work for 2 days, then go on vacation for a week. Sorry, it was pre-planned before the new job came along!!

Wish me luck! We'll be in Maryland week after next to house-hunt.


Blogger Urdarbrunnr said...

Really? Is there someone else work-related who reads this?

I don't suppose they told you to wear full pirate gear for your last day?

Wish I could see the parrot; this site doesn't have audio, does it? At least a photo would be good.

Thank your lucky stars you're not on install this weekend, it's really dragging out.

Good luck house hunting; it's got to be better than the last trip, right?

1:27 PM  
Blogger Jeff in MD said...

I do think you are the only one, though I may have shared this with a fellow BSC out of Carlsbad :p

Don't worry, I plan to post a picture of the parrot today or tomorrow. I'm not smart enough to figure out how to put a short movie clip on here.

I know MM was prepared for a long day today - I'm glad I got out of this one.....

WE have high expectations for the house hunting trip next week. It certainly can't get any worse...right?

6:13 PM  
Blogger Joe said...

"It certainly can't get any worse...right?"

Famous last words...

6:30 PM  
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