Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ode to my Hard Drive

Why? What did I do to you? Jerk. I hate you. Unless you feel like giving me back all my stuff. In which case, I take that hate comment back.

Yesterday, my hard drive thingie decided to go on a work stoppage. That's never a good thing. God bless technology, except when it breaks.

Give me back my goddam pit-tures! Please? I have so much to share! Do you really want to deprive the world of that picture I took of the box of "male protection items" we found in the closet in the hotel by the Mall of America? Whatever...

I was working in my makeshift office in another room, when Joe called me into the computer room, and told me my computer had just started making sounds that it shouldn't, and then the screen burped up some stuff that read to me like "OMG are you screwed. HA! I hope you backed up everything somewhere else recently! HAHA! Oh, wait...I KNOW you didn't! HAHAHAHA! Dork!"

Don't you know I'm tired? We just got back from traveling, the pool thingie isn't working right, it's hot, we're leaving again on Saturday, I'm getting grayer and balder....

Joe is smart. He knows everything about computers and got me set up with an alternate arrangement till we figure out what to do. But all my stuff is gone.

Keep it all, I don't care! HA! I'll show you. I will leave you on the floor for days. I might even stuff you up in the attic under all the insulation, so that when this house is demolished in 100 years to make room a new parking lot, and they find you, and they have the technology to retreive all my stuff, they will FIND that picture I took of the "male protection items" and share them with the world, which will be thousands of times more populous and thus give me the audience I have always dreamed of! Whatchu say now, dolt? HA!

Some say I have an active imagination.....


Blogger MeBeth said...

Now, if you get your pictures back, you're going to have to post that one! Seriously, I do hope your computer repents and gives you back your stuff.

3:24 PM  
Blogger Evil Jonny said...

I shiver to think what these protection items area!

9:19 AM  

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